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Life Lessons from Muffin: Unconditional Love and Acceptance

It was the most perfect July day. White clouds were aglow with silver light and heaven was brighter than I've ever seen it before. "Lord, thank you for giving us Muffin. She made our family so happy. We miss her, and we can't wait to see her on the other side." The words of my dad's graveside prayer echoed in my mind as I drove the stretch of highway back home, lit up by a breathtaking sunset. Muffin was 16 years old, and held on so cheerfully through declining health until yesterday, when she passed. What a full life she lived. I was 12 when we got Muffin as a puppy, and her sweet personality captured our hearts instantly. She loved everyone, and seemed to exude a warmth that was both welcoming and comforting. She used to sit by the door and whimper when we'd leave the house, then bark excitedly with plenty of tail-wagging when we returned. I know everybody says this about their own pet, but she really was the best dog. On the drive to Muffin'

Musings on Maturity: Growing Up and Letting Go

I had a moment of clarity in the Sam's Club parking lot today. As I approached my car with a shopping cart full of groceries and two toddlers in tow, I noticed a young woman unloading her groceries into the car next to mine. She was well-dressed, with a designer handbag, and seemed in a hurry. I waited for her to finish putting her groceries in the back seat so I could squeeze between the cars and put my kids in their carseats. After a moment, she closed her car door and began walking her empty shopping cart across the lot. I stepped forward and opened the door to my 15-year-old grocery getter to put the kids in, admiring the young woman's brand new luxury (and carseat-free) crossover. As I buckled in my 1-year-old, the woman returned and stood behind me, anxiously tapping her foot to announce her presence. I paused from buckling the baby, pulled the door in so she could pass by, and said, "Sorry about that." She responded by rolling her eyes, getting into her c