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Ben Sauer

This story really messed me up.  Rarely do I question God’s goodness. Rarely am I moved to tears by the circumstances of a complete stranger. But reading the story of Ben Sauer has me completely baffled and broken. ·          How could a loving, compassionate God allow a sweet 5-year-old boy to suffer and die from a cancerous brain tumor? ·          In light of the support from his New York community and media coverage around the world, wouldn’t it have been better for God to miraculously heal this little boy, and show Himself strong on the child’s behalf? ·          How do Ben’s parents find such strength? If my child was battling brain cancer, I’d be a complete basket case. But the Sauer family seems to be a pinnacle of grace. In February 2014, Ben was diagnosed with a rare, inoperable brain tumor. Its growth would eventually impair his ability to walk, talk, and function as it spread to the areas of his brain that controlled those capabilities. He and his